Erasing, In Order to See the Beauty

“Only the hand that erases can write the true thing.”

A thought-provoking quote from German philosopher Meister Eckhart. I like to think that this quote is referring to seeking out purity; visually or metaphorically. And to which that purity could effect one’s genuineness towards life.

Here is a beautiful blog called “Erasing” that offers up artistic images of the concept of erasing and purity. Each day displays a different artist and therefore a different viewpoint. A stunning blog worth a visit to clear your mind.

Note: This was a story I wrote awhile ago for another blog, but I wanted to save a copy of it here.


One thought on “Erasing, In Order to See the Beauty

  1. Just heard Meister Eckhart’s name mentioned in a lecture by Alan Watts, who I adore. I need to investigate him further. And the “title unknown” drawing reminds me of the the endless farmland one sees from the sky during a flight–I just flew home from Romania. After returning from a trip, I often am determined to erase certain patterns that have become etched into my daily routine. Wish me luck.

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