The House of Inhospitable Chairs

Normally I am not this dark… but this thought did occur to me as I was perusing the chairs on the blog Chair Whore. Wouldn’t it be funny to have a house that entirely existed of impossibly uncomfortable chairs. You could invite people over for parties or a visit, and with a serious demeanor just watch them linger from room to room trying to find a comfortable place to sit. You have to admit— it would be funny.

OK, I realize this is a strange post-modern fantasy of mine. Most likely the result of watching too many Buñuel films in college. But I found some prime candidates from Chair Whore and judging from my selection, I think that my (fantasy) home’s decor would best be coined as a ‘Down the Rabbit Hole Modern’ motif. Trés Chic.

Chair Designs from top to bottom and left to right: Dodecahedronic chair by Hiroaki Suzuki | Armadillo Chair by Baltasar Portillo | Chair by Tom Price | Mino Chair by Mixcv | Chair 1.3A by The Turner Collective | Mino Chair by Mixcv | Eyrie Chair By Floris Wubben | All images via Chair Whore, love your blog!


One thought on “The House of Inhospitable Chairs

  1. The House of Inhospitable Chairs, better known as IHOC–Inhospitable House of Chairs. I’m still partial to International House of Pancakes myself. But I too would enjoy watching your guests try to get comfy.

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