A Century of Chairs at Design Museum

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Design Museum is selling an interesting series of boldly titled books. Each book presents a survey of the 50 iconic pieces chosen for their ability to have influenced and shifted the world. I have not had the opportunity to look at all these books. Nevertheless, I believe owning this collection would fun, informative, and most likely provide lively debate with friends.

As for the statement ‘changed the world’, it is a funny notion to me to think that items we sit on, drive, or wear could have such a dramatic impact. Possibly it would be more apt to say ‘fifty items that reflect important shifts of contemporary thought’. But I guess that would be a crappy book title.

Design Museum also offers an online exhibit titled A CENTURY OF CHAIRS. A chronological survey of chairs beginning in the late 1800′s through 2000. A very nice online reference for the chair aficionados.

“Few objects tell the history of modern design as eloquently as the chair. Aesthetics trends, the emergence of new technologies, ergonomics, social and cultural developments are all reflected in the evolution of chair design.” – excerpt from the online exhibit.


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