Be Careful What You Polyvore.

Summertime Selects for Your Home


Schmitt Design clock




me in chair
This is sort of funny. I used this site briefly to introduce the concept of grouping products and ‘looks’ to a client. After the fact, I actually had not used Polyvore in over a year. However, in the past couple of days I decided to re-visit Polyvore and play around with it again. I was a tad surprised to notice that this home grouping that I created came to fruition in my personal home space. (See photo above, the photo was taken not for this, but a Facebook profile picture. I put it all together later.)
Not all the items made it to my house, but the chair and pillow did and without any thought or planning. Indeed interesting, so do be careful about what you fill your head and your social spaces with. You may be living with it one day.

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