Lunar Eclipse Overload


You may have noticed, if you dig around this site, that I do indeed have a penchant for the esoteric. So with all the recent talk about the lunar eclipses happening this year, I have been on a Google bender. I found this great NASA video which gives a quick and informative explanation of Tetrads. Tetrads is the name for the sequence of four total lunar eclipses in a row, which is happening this year, starting tonight and up until the 21st century was a rare occurrence.

Now all of that is interesting in a science sort of way for sure, but this is where I start to spin out. I found many websites that discuss the deeper, spiritual meanings of lunar eclipses and as I have come to learn, eclipses are not an easy time for us humans.

I found this very interesting website called Spiritual Research Foundation that has mind-bending theories, supported with graphs and charts which claim a lot of scary insights into eclipses. I love this site. The fact that they are quantifying abstract concepts with numbers and info graphics appeals to my sensibilities of appreciating those who think outside the box. What they claim is:

Eclipses are significant events at a spiritual level. There is an increase in Raja-Tama which has negative effects on humanity. Ghosts take advantage of the heightened Raja-Tama to create a variety of issues that have global negative repercussions.”

Here is one of their drawings from their site:


The site also offers much information on how to protect yourself during these periods and even breaks it down to a mathematical equation for improving your chances of outwitting the harmful effects of eclipses by up to 30%. Here’s how they break it down:

“Doing spiritual practice helps to nullify the effect of the increased Raja-Tama and black energy in the environment due to an eclipse. So if a person is doing intense spiritual practice (as per the six basic principles of spiritual practice) during an eclipse: He will still be affected by the adverse spiritual effect of the eclipse up to 20%. However, to counteract the rise in Raja-Tama and black energy, the amount of divine energy from God that can be accessed by him is 50% more. Thus the net total is a positive 30%.”

Well ok then, that pretty much made my head spin, and honestly I don’t see how that makes any sense. Nevertheless, there is loads more on their site, I highly recommend going and checking it out. Lots of interesting concepts there.


On a final note, I hope that you do not think that I am being cynical. Actually it’s quite the opposite, my belief in life is that if someone can think it, somehow it must be true. Whether or not its truth sits in this here and now, I cannot say, but let’s just say I am willing to give it some thought. Enjoy the Blood Lunar Eclipse and please keep those ghosts and black energies at bay.

A really good site that handles the spiritual angle of these such matters is Mystic Mamma. Check out what they had to say about emotional effects of this lunar eclipse.





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