Letters of Recommendations


“To Whom It May Concern,

With utmost confidence I strongly recommend Suzanne Stackle for any digital marketing position/role or endeavor that she may choose. I was Suzanne’s immediate supervisor at Versa Products Incorporated, a leading manufacturer of custom desks, tables, chairs and office furniture. There are five additional brands that operate underneath the Versa Products umbrella. 80% of company revenue is generated from Ecommerce/digital marketing efforts.

Suzanne was in fact the backbone to much of our Internet marketing success. Working with a monthly digital marketing budget in excess of $100,000, uncompromising delivery timetables, numerous challenges both administrative, technical and personality-based — Suzanne amazed the entire Internet marketing team by showing a return-on-investment (ROI) for ad spend often varying between 500% and 1,500%. Our larger campaigns Suzanne’s marketing contributions helped us achieve a 3,000% ROI. To put Suzanne’s accomplishments in proper perspective, there are Internet marketing experts who boast of 200% to 300% ROI. Obviously, Suzanne is performing on far superior level and she does it consistently. The keyword here is; consistently.

Respectfully, Kevin D. James, MBA Google Engage Agency (Partner)”

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